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Motivating Employees


Q: How do you get employees to commit to a time-frame for completion without extra money or a negative approach? --Jason Fox, Complete Door & Trim, Beaumont, CA


Consider weaving two ideas together: setting an upfront contract with them and being aware of what motivates employees.


Up Front Contract: Negotiate what both the company and the employee need to get done prior to the start of the job. You and the employee have to win and get what you want. Have a “win-win” or “no-deal” agreement between you.


Basically, jobs must come in on time; the company needs to make a profit and continue the services of the employees at the wages that the employee needs to receive. The employee must be part of that solution that the company has contracted for.


This “win-win” or “no-deal” must be agreed to prior to the start of either the company bidding work or the employee doing work for the company.


What motivates an employee: Based on the premise that you are paying your employee competitive wages, employees are motivated by four ideas, before wages enter the picture.

  • The employee feels appreciated in the company.

  • The employee feels that they are in the know about what is going on within the company.

  • You as their supervisor have an understanding attitude when the employee has to do something such as attend their child’s t-ball game or stay home with a sick child.

  • They feel that their job is secure.


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