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Network members continually improve through our unique peer review and network-driven processes. These processes make up a program that provides intensive business training in the form of coaching, consulting, and group workshops.

Create Industry Best Practices

Improve Within Our Time-Proven System

Network members observe and evaluate each other's companies in real time, learn from each other's successes, and generate positive solutions to their business opportunities Your team will continually improve within our time-proven system.

Be Held Accountable

Set SMART Accountable Goals

Meetings are held twice per year; each company takes home new ideas and SMART Goals to implement. These goals have concrete action plans, steeped in accountability and leadership. In a nutshell, this means you don't have to re-invent the wheel.

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  • Business Flight School

    Flight School
    (First group meeting)

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Flight School is a training course into how Business Networks works. You gather with other new Business Networks members and learn how to read your data, conduct meetings, set goals, and much more! Begin to assemble your team (crew).

  • Set smart business goals

    Second Group Meeting

    Rookie, but still on the field

    Work with your network members and meeting facilitators to create a set of SMART goals you and your company can follow. This is the beginning of your entry into your Business Network.

  • Conference Call

    Update with your fellow network members

    Each member updates the network with the status of their company. Members update their company's current business position, goal status, and numbers.

  • Implement Smart Goals

    Third Group Meeting

    Transition to Full Member

    Start the implementation of your new business plan.

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Learn From Numbers

Make educated decisions from actual data.

In the 1980's Business Networks started and maintains the only data base of its kind for both business development and financial numbers. We use it as a teaching and comparison aid to allow our clients to know what real numbers are. A lot of companies talk about being the best, at Business Networks, we have a system that allows you to compare with each other on a line item by line item basis and know what best is. This will allow you to see where you are doing a good job and where you have opportunities to improve.

Our Amazing Team

Meet the amazing Business Networks team.

Les at Business Networks

Les Cunningham, CGC, CR, CCR, CGRa


541-746-8800 ext-14

Diane at Business Networks

Diane Cunningham

General Manager

(541) 746-8800 ext 22

Dawn at Business Networks

Dawn Genaw

Meeting Planner

(541) 746-8800 ext 12

Larry at Business Networks

Larry Prucyk

Information Systems

541-746-8800 ext-10

Debbie at Business Networks

Debbie Pollard

Executive Assistant

541-746-8800 Ext. 17

Sue at Business Networks

Sue Rogers


(541) 746-8800 ext 13

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