What Happens After You Sign Up? | Business Networks

What Happens After You Sign Up?

Follow the Business Networks steps!

  • Business Flight School

    Flight School
    (First group meeting)

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Flight School is a training course into how Business Networks works. You gather with other new Business Networks members and learn how to read your data, conduct meetings, set goals, and much more! Begin to assemble your team (crew).

  • Set smart business goals

    Second Group Meeting

    Rookie, but still on the field

    Work with your network members and meeting facilitators to create a set of SMART goals you and your company can follow. This is the beginning of your entry into your Business Network.

  • Conference Call

    Update with your fellow network members

    Each member updates the network with the status of their company. Members update their company's current business position, goal status, and numbers.

  • Implement Smart Goals

    Third Group Meeting

    Transition to Full Member

    Start the implementation of your new business plan.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

Inquire About Joining

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