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555 Manley Road
Bozeman, MT 59715
Year: 2018

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Ben and Gail Yanker started Buffalo Restoration back in 1991. Ever since the beginning it's been a family business. Their daughters Alisa and Emily and son Christopher were put to work at an early age, crawling in wet basements and drying up water losses on weekends.The children grew up and the company expanded.

Buffalo RestorationBen and Gail treat their business as if they have an extra 27 members of their family. With home-cooked breakfasts on your birthday and cake on the anniversary of your hiring, it's hard to not feel special. When we jokingly refer to our company as the Buffalo herd, there's truth in that. Because a herd moves together.  And buffalo are a strong and rare breed. They're about as local as an animal can get in Montana, and so are we.

And being a family company has an impact on how we do business. When you choose Buffalo, you're part of the herd, no questions asked. We're going to treat you like family, and we won't rest comfortably until you can.

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