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How to Improve On-the-Job Communication

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Have you ever wondered why people get upset with you on a job that you are doing for them?  Do you wonder if they think that their job is the only one you have to do? Do you wonder if they really care what you are doing to advance their job completion when you are not on their jobsite? Do you think that they would feel differently if they knew what was going on with their job?

Well, let’s change the situation and see if you might be able to relate to them as to how they’re feeling when you are the one that is in their shoes and getting frustrated.

Is Poor Communication Costing Your Company?

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Poor communication cost my average client nearly $236,000 in 2013, thanks to a common discussion between an estimator and a project manager:

Estimator: “How could you possibly have lost money on the job that I won the bid for the company?”

Project manager: “It was easy.”

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